Address  : 311, West Masdair, Fatullah, Narayanganj – 1400 Bangladesh.

Products  : We are specializing in Men’s & Ladies T-Shirts, Polo shirt, Nightwear, Blouse, Children Wear & All kinds of Pants, Shorts, Swim Shorts & Sweatshirt etc.

Production Line  : 10 (Ten) Lines. Company has planned to be compliant for both Europe and US market. At present our company developing under Alliance for compliance certified. Also we are preparing our company by consultancy firm to achieve compliance certificate for any buyers.

Year Established     : 2008

Bank Reference      :  I. F. I. C BANK LTD.

Narayanganj Branch :  Our SOD A/C No.:  1003 147387 101
66/1, B. B. Road, Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Phone : 88-02-7645000-3

Fax : 88-02-7633485

Telex : 88-02-633611

Swift  : IFIC BD DH 003

E-mail : ific narg@bol-on line.com.

Contract Person  : Mr. Iftekhar bin Rashid (Director).

Cell: +8801746231943

Merchandiser          :

Production Manager:

Telephone  : 88-02-7649440.

Fax  : 88-02-7649441.

E-mail  : shahed@gladiolusfashion.com

Website  : www.gladiolusfashion.com

Floor Space  : 60,000 Sft. (Each floor- 10,000 Sft.)

Floor   : Ground floor – Fifth floor (Total: 06 Floors).

Ground floor: Knitting section, Doctors room, Day care, bonded ware house etc.

1st floor: Office, Cutting section, Sample Room.

2nd floor: Sewing Section (05 Lines)

3rd floor: Sewing section (Proposed another 05 Lines)

4th floor: Finishing Section & Production Store.

5th floor: Printing Section, Prayer Room and Dining Room etc.

Office Space   : 3,000 Sq. ft.

Space per Machine   : Each machine has in excess of 45 sqft of work space

Cutting Table  : 02 Table each of 60 ft X 6.50 ft

Exits  : Two separate entry and exit points from each floor with stairs wide enough to Allow passage for two people at the same time

Worker Health, Safety, Environment and Benefits:

Salary payment date : Within 7th of every month.

Overtime Payment : Along with monthly salary as per workers attendance.

Worker Washroom : Separate washroom and toilet for males and Females as per labor law.

Medical Benefit  : An M.B.B.S Doctor is appointed for the treatment of workers. In case of work-            related accident the company bears the cost of treatment and surgery.

Fire Drill  : Emergency evacuation and fire fighting drill is practiced routinely and a log book is maintained. The factory is equipped with fire alarms and adequate extinguishers are placed at different Locations.


Emergency Exit                   : Emergency Exit sign board marked for easy evacuation.

Labor Relations                  : A Workers Counselor is appointed under supervision of the HR department. CHILD LABOUR is strictly forbidden. Welfare Counselor takes care of worker’s complaints/ problems. There is also a complaint box where workers can drop their suggestions/complaints. We provide Maternity Benefit and Daycare Centre.

Other Benefit                       : Coverage of Group Insurance.

Separate Lunch Area.

Separate Prayer Area

Maternity benefit

Festival Bonus

Earn leaves Bonus

Annual Picnic.

Working Environment       : Congenial and attractive working conditions prevail in the factory.

Production Capacity per Month       :      

Basic T- Shirts              Polo Shirt                    Others

3, 50,000 PCS              1, 00,000 PCS               1, 00,000 PCS



Our Staff management

Compliance Officer : 01 person
Welfare Officer : 01 person
Medical Dr. : 01 person
Nurse : 01 person
P. M    : 01 Person
Knitting In-Charge : 01 Person
Knitting master    : 01 person
Knitting Supervisor : 02 Persons
Dyeing In-Charge : 01 Person
Dyeing Supervisor : 02 Person
Cutting In-Charge : 01 Person
Cutting Supervisor : 01 Person
Sewing Floor In–Charge   : 02 Persons
Sewing Supervisor : 15 Persons
Sewing Quality controller    : 10 Persons
Finishing In-charge : 01 person
Finishing supervisor : 02 persons
Quality controller Finishing : 02 Person
Commercial Manager  : 01 Person
Commercial  Assistant  : 02 Persons
Merchandiser Manager : 01 Persons
Merchandiser : 02 Person
Sample In charge : 01 Person
Sample QC : 01 Person
Pattern Master : 01 Person
CAD Designer : 01 Person
Office Assistant        : 05 Person
 Total   : 61 Persons      
 Operator 220 Person
Helper 350 Person

Major Clients


We re fortunate to get some great brands.

Customer/Buyer`s Name Country
Giant Tiger Canada
Renner Brazil
O’Neill’s Ireland
P&C Germany
Mexx Netherland
Metro D.D Slovenia
NTD Canada
A & Q (Fashion Linq) Netherland
Elevate Netherland
America Today Netherland
Miss Etam Netherland
V&D Netherland
Hunkemoller int. bv Netherland
Prenatal Netherland
Esmee Netherland
String Netherland
Bristol Netherland
Le Coq Sportif Netherland
Promo Fashion Netherland
Schoenenreus Netherland
Telstar Netherland
Perry Sport Netherland
Soho Netherland
Euro Shoe Netherland
Wehkamp Netherland
B 32 Netherland
Infinity Canada
Scapino Netherland
Runnorth Canada
JBC Netherland
Shoeby Netherland
Crazy Line Israel
Tamnoon Israel
SDV Portugal

Machinery’s Detail


Give us a shout & we ll make you a believer.

Sl. Name Number of M/C Country  of  Origin
1 Over Lock ( 2 Needle, 4 Thread) 60 Sets Japan (Pegasus)
2 Flat Lock ( 3 Needle, 5 Thread, Cylinder Bed) 38 Sets Japan (Pegasus)
3 Back Tape  ( 2 Needle, 4 Thread) 02 Sets Japan (Pegasus)
4 Plain Machine 84 Sets Japan (Brothers)
5 Button Hole & Stitch 05 Sets Japan (Pegasus)
6 Elastic Machine Kansas Special 01 Set Japan
7 Feed off the Arm 04 Sets Japan
8 Snap Button Machine 02 Sets China
9 Threat Secker Machine 01 Set China
10 Cloth Cutting Machine 04 Sets Japan (Pegasus)
11 Rib Cutting 04 Sets Japan (LU)
12 Vacuum steam Iron 20 Sets Korea (N.G)
13 Generator ( 410 KVA Diesel) 01 Set England
14 Knitting Machine (28″- 34″) Dia, Single jersey. (Brand : Jiunn Long) 06 Sets Taiwan
15 Knitting Machine (32″- 42″) Dia, Double jersey Interlock. (Brand : Jiunn Long) 06 Sets Taiwan
16 Fabrics Checking 01 Set China
17 Boiler machine 01 set  
18 Compressor machine 04 sets Taiwan
19 Cad Machine 01 set China
20 Print Curing Machine 01 sets China
21 Print Heat Press Machine 02 set China
22 Print Color Mixture Machine 01 sets China
23 Fire Hydrant (Pump) 03 sets China
24 Light Box 01 sets China
  Total Machine 253Sets